1. We will not accept registrations for portions of Family Week. (Exceptions will be made for relatives (especially grandparents – please encourage them to come) who would like to come for a day or two, please register them and the days they will be coming).
  2. As outlined below, we hold high standards for modesty and holiness in relationships. Please respect and abide by them. Be guarded in conversations with the opposite gender. NO unsupervised gatherings of young and/or unmarried people. If you will be staying outside the campground, please travel as a family in and out of the campground.
  3. This is FAMILY Week! Please plan to keep your family together. NO shared sites with children sleeping over with each other. It is very important to make a point of pulling together as a family.
  4. Dress Code: In an effort to create a safe atmosphere for our men, women and families to grow in, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us prior to Family Week.
    • Men – Do not remove your shirt in public. ┬áTank tops and short shorts (above the knee) are not acceptable.
    • Women – Modest neckline shirts and long skirts are preferred. Very loose-fitting pants are acceptable. (If you wear pants, your shirt length should reach to your fingertips when extended by your side). Tight pants/shirts, short skirts (above the knee), low necklines (cleavage seen when bending over), and sleeveless shirts are NOT acceptable.